About Peppertown Park

A proposal was presented to the Township Council Meeting on Tuesday October 13, 2016 by the Peppertown Park Renewal Committee. Members Donovan Hall, Gay Hollowell, and Midge Vicendese presented a plan for a revised version of the park that would include new walking/bicycle paths, a great lawn, and an amphitheater that could be used for concerts, plays, holiday events, and other assorted cultural activities. The plan also includes space for a Christmas tree.  Public restrooms and trash receptacles are also included in the plan. A black aluminum fence would be erected running parallel to the NJ Transit railroad tracks and would protect the entire length of the park. A painted-lined sidewalk could be added to allow passage across Plainfield Avenue from the train station to the entrance of the park.





Donovan Hall is a third-generation resident of the township and a landscape architect who has also provided designs for other non-profit organizations in surrounding communities.


Existing trees on the property would be removed and replaced with other types allowing for better drainage and aesthetic appeal. Removal of the trees would also provide for 50% more lawn space in the park.

Development would occur in the following three phases:

  • The first phase would consist of the development of a site plan, development of this website, and fundraising efforts. The website will be connected to social media, e.g., Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word. Please click on the Donate button if you are interested in donating time, money, or construction materials to the renewal project.
  • The second phase could consist of preparing the site for the new walkways, bicycle paths, and amphitheater along with the removal and plantings of new trees. Please note that the existing path that was constructed with donated bricks of inscribed names would be removed and relocated within the park.
  • The third phase could be completion of the amphitheater and new restrooms.

The renewal project will be funded by donations of money, time, and materials from local vendors and residents.

A 501(C)(3) non-profit group has been created so that donations can be received. In addition, the members of the committee have coordinated efforts with the Recreation Department and applied for and received two grants from Union County. One grant was for $50,000 and another grant was for $5,200. The school district is also interested in partnering with the renewal project.

Thanks for checking us out. Hopefully, you are exited as we are about this project and would consider a donation to help make this a beautiful park for all to enjoy. If you are interested, please click on Donate.

Please click on Volunteer if you would like to get involved and volunteer.

Please click on Feedback if you would like to provide comments or suggestions concerning the renewal project.