Renewal Committee

The Peppertown Park Renewal Committee was created in January 2017 and is an advisory committee, which assists in coordinating and fundraising for the renewal, restoration and ongoing maintenance of the Township's Peppertown Park, and to perform such other duties as may be deemed necessary by the Mayor and Council.

The Peppertown Park Renewal committee members are shown below.

Committee Members


Term Expires

Tom Barton 12/31/20
Julie Lloyd 12/31/20
Bruce Mustacchi 12/31/20
Midge Vincendese 12/31/20
Kim Diamond 12/31/20
Pat Smith 12/31/19
Angela Corrado 12/31/19
Donovan Hall      12/31/19
Lucinda Hayes 12/31/19
Eileen Bonacci 12/31/19
Michelle Bartiromo  12/31/19
Manny Couto, TC Rep 12/31/19